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Donate Wine

Members of the Napa Valley Grapegrowers are invited to share their most outstanding wines at this year’s event!

The wines at Harvest STOMP demonstrate what makes Napa Valley the national treasure that it is. And to be direct and up front – we want you to dig deep in those cellars and donate your best bottles then join the fun when we pull the corks!

A donation of Napa Valley wine will be appreciated for the following uses:

• 1 case of top-tier red wine made by you or made with grapes from your vineyard to be shared during dinner

• 1 to 6 bottles of highly sought after wine(s) for fundraising, such as large format bottles, estate wines, or vertical collections—the more rare, special, hard-to-find-on-a-shelf the better!

Wine shared directly by growers can have such a powerful impact on our guests and positive recognition for your vineyard. Thank you for your consideration and continued contributions.

To get more information on wine donations, please contact Jill Durfee, Farmworker Foundation Program Manager:

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